Support Lviv

EU4Skills continues provide emergency support to VET schools and Ukrainians

By the end of July 2022 EU4Skills within its emergency support package to VET schools provided 4.000 matrasses, 5.500 pillows, 1.500 blankets and 1.500 folding beds to selected 41 VET schools in Lvivvsky and 14 VET schools in Chernivetsky regions. In addition, up to 22.000 units of baby food to Ukrainian families in need who stay in the dormitaries of VET schools were recently delivered.

This helps not only to assist up to 4.000 IDPs who are currently living in dormitories of VET schools but also supports VET schools in their efforts to host IDPs and later to provide comfortable space for their students.

EU4Skills package of support includes three components: the provision of emergency goods, psychological support for IDPs and developing recommendations for VET schools staff on how to better manage the dormitories.
Currently, selected VET schools staff and volunteers are undergoing training for psychological support for IDPs. In addition, psychological support and consultations are provided to all in need IDPs who stay in dormitories.

EU4Skills continues its support in five Ukrainian regions: Vinnytsia, Poltava, Khmelnytskyi, Cherkasy and Rivne where EU4Skills works with VET schools on providing additional requested goods for dormitories.