EU4Skills invites to participate in “Work-Based Learning for in-company trainers and mentors”

EU4Skills invites employees (employees) of companies that carry out organization or corporate training, have practical experience of mentoring, conducting internal corporate trainings or are starting the specified activity now to participate in the online training “Work-Based Learning for in-company trainers and mentors”. The training will require 4 days of intensive online sessions for one month but also invest a certain amount of time for self-education and performing home assignments of the course.

This WBL training provides a brief introduction to Work-Based Learning as one of the modern and highly efficient approaches in VET, Adult Education and life-long professional development.  It is fully free of charge but highly competitive for applicants.

Anticipated learning outcomes include:

  • General understanding of WBL approach and its implementation
  • Practical skills in developing and managing: WBL training plan, mentoring trainees, self-education instructions, proof of evidence for assessing, feedback provision to trainees etc
  • Knowledge of Ukrainian legislative basis and practices in WBL

The training program contains:

  1. WBL as a modern concept of highly efficient VET
  2. The best WBL practices in EU and other regions
  3. Practical issues concerning the implementation of WBL
  4. Ukrainian WBL experience: cases and lessons learnt by Ukrainian companies
  5. Homework assignments for participants and feedback from the international expert

Anticipated schedule of the training:

  • the first day of the training – 23.02.23
  • the second day of the training – 28.02.23
  • the third day of the training – 07.03.23
  • the fourth day of the training – 14.03.23
  • graduation and certification – 20-31.03.23

In case you consider this training is suitable for you we kindly ask you to fill registration form carefully via the link Based on the provided data we will structure the groups of persons (with similar motivation, experience etc.) due to the limited number of participants in the training (up to 20 persons).

Don’t hesitate to contact us via email for details. The deadline for submissions is February 22