EU4Skills supported the launch of the “Professional Education Online” learning platform

On December 23, 2022 the online learning platform “Professional Education Online” was presented. (link:

The EU4Skills programme is one of the main partners of the MoES in the creation of platform content. In total, more then 90 online courses will be adapted and developed, both in vocational disciplines and on the development of the soft skills.

Occupational areas of the courses include construction, metal processing, agriculture etc. Mostly this are short courses to give specific skills that are required for immediate employment

The platform will also offer interactive courses and interactive mobile simulators. EU4Skills developed new materials for the platform, provided technical and methodological support in digitalizing existent courses and learning materials as well as in uploading the content. 

 This platform will allow students to learn online, teachers to supplement their education with modern digital content, and help everyone who wants to improve their professional qualification.  

The platform was launched with 24 courses for 12 occupations, while 23 courses are in the process of uploading.