Skilled labor for the recovery process 

The recovery of the Ukrainian economy will be a tremendous task and will require skilled labor. EU4Skills developed a concept for short-term courses in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science, which targets adult learners with a particular focus on internally displaced persons. Since the beginning of July 2022 till April 2023 EU4Skills will support the implementation of short-term courses and work-based learning courses in VET educational process.

These courses will help participants to acquire and update their skills in a shortened period. At the same time, the courses provide them the opportunity to practice their skills in a real job environment. Target regions of courses implementation are Kyiv city, Kyiv region, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk and Vinnytsia. To involve companies in the short training courses EU4Skills has cooperated with a number of associations. This created the possibility for the participants of the short-term courses to learn both in the classroom and on the shopfloor.